Taxi Service

Have you gotten into the habit of scheduling an Uber every time you need a ride? If so, you should reconsider this decision and think about choosing taxis instead. There are so many benefits of taking a taxi that you won’t get when you use Uber.Here are several of the key reasons to pick a taxi over an Uber every time


VIP Transportation in Central Florida

24 Hrs Taxi offers VIP transportation in an upscale black Chevy Suburban which can accommodate up to 8 passengers. If you’re looking for VIP transportation coupled with privacy and excellent customer service, 24 Hrs Taxi should be your first call choice in Seminole County, Orange County, Volusia County or Lake County, Florida. 24 Hrs

Taxi Cab Drivers

If you had the choice to be driven by someone who is calm, kind and smiles, or someone who is agitated, mean and scowling, which taxi driver would you choose? If you’re like most people, you’d choose the nice one.

Taxi Company

Are you looking for a taxi service that can take you to the airport, to an important business meeting, or to another destination? Rather than simply calling the first taxi service you can find, you should carefully consider all your options. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right taxi service

Taxis vs ride sharing apps

Do you need a lift to the airport or a ride to an important business meeting? Your first thought might be to sign into a ride-sharing app and order up a car. But before you do that, consider going with a taxi instead since there are quite a few ways in which taking a taxi can prove to be more beneficial than ordering a ride-sharing vehicle.

VIP Chauffeur Transportation

Do you consider yourself to be a VIP? If so, you shouldn’t be driving yourself around to important business meetings and other events. Instead, you should rely on a chauffeur to take you to the places that you need to go. There are so many benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you utilize the services of a chauffeur as opposed to chauffeuring yourself. Take a look at why VIPs should

24 Hrs Taxi has the fastests pickups, with the best prices in Sanford, Florida and all of Seminole County!

We require a 2 hour reservation notice to ensure that we can be there on time and provide you with an exceptional private transportation service. Please call our headquarters at (321) 318-6417 to reserve your taxi or car service today.

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