Reasons to Choose a Taxi Service Over Uber

Taxi vs. Uber

Sanford, Florida, is between Orlando and Daytona Beach. When you need transportation in this region, you’re welcome to call for a cab from 24 HRS Taxi at 321-318-6417 (English) or 407-951-9007 (Spanish).

Why should you choose a traditional taxi ride from a company like 24 HRS Taxi instead of using the ridesharing service known as Uber?

Reasons to Use a Taxi Service

For starters, cab companies screen their drivers to make sure you’re going to be safe throughout your drive. They also have much better insurance coverage than Uber– you could easily be liable for your injuries if involved in a rideshare crash! Cab companies have their vehicles undergo routine maintenance and regular inspections, whereas with Uber you’re at the mercy of a private individual who may or may not have a properly functioning, safe vehicle. Furthermore, what if your Uber driver has a criminal background and starts trouble? At least taking a typical taxi means there’s a boss to report any problems to, whereas Uber is like a faceless corporation without human touch. If an Uber ride goes “wrong,” who are you supposed to call to make things right? It’s not like there’s a dispatcher waiting to take your call. Uber is mostly done through an app on a smartphone, and you’ve got to be very trusting with whomever picks you up. It could get creepy!

A More Personal Touch

Many people still don’t use smartphones and/or don’t like to use computers. Therefore, they prefer to pick up a phone and call a taxi company to come get them. It’s nice to talk to a human being on the phone and make plans rather than do everything impersonally “online.” Not everyone is online.

With Uber, you’re at the mercy of whether or not there’s someone willing to pick you up where you’re at. What if no one’s “on” in your area when you need them? What if the wait for service is going to take a really long time and you don’t have time to wait around? What if the Uber driver sets a really high price just to take you to the airport when you could have gone with 24 HRS Taxi cheaper?

Taxi cab companies exist for a reason. They’re regulated and reliable– a mainstay of transportation around the world. Don’t risk or bother using Uber– take a normal taxi instead. Let 24 HRS Taxi take great care of you and get you where you need to go in various parts of Florida, including but not limited to Sanford, Daytona, Daytona Beach, Disney World and Lake County.

24 Hrs Taxi has the fastests pickups, with the best prices in Sanford, Florida and all of Seminole County!

We require a 2 hour reservation notice to ensure that we can be there on time and provide you with an exceptional private transportation service. Please call our headquarters at (321) 318-6417 to reserve your taxi or car service today.

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