What Makes a Great Taxi Driver?

Taxi Cab Drivers

If you had the choice to be driven by someone who is calm, kind and smiles, or someone who is agitated, mean and scowling, which taxi driver would you choose? If you’re like most people, you’d choose the nice one.

A Relaxed Demeanor

Good taxi drivers are friendly and make people feel at ease. They have a welcoming spirit, the kind that makes people feel instantly comfortable around them.

A Clean Cab

What are some other things that make for a good taxi driver? Well, he or she should keep a clean cab that’s comfortable for riders and in good condition. Speaking of clean, good taxi drivers have clean records– they don’t have any DUIs in their history. Furthermore, they also don’t have a long list of past accidents or traffic tickets. The ideal taxi driver is one who has never been in trouble with the law.

A Professional Attitude

Professionalism goes a long way in the taxi business. Companies who place an emphasis on politeness, timeliness, comfort and safety are the kind of companies that thrive. Obviously “being on time” is one of the main reasons a taxi driver can be considered “good.” If they’re always late for pick-ups, they probably won’t be driving for a living much longer, right?

A Professional Appearance

A neat and tidy appearance helps– clean fingernails, washed hair, good breath– hygiene matters. The better dressed they are, the more professional they look, which helps put customers at ease. A suit or uniform looks a lot more professional than a tank top and jean shorts.

Strong Communication Skills

Good communication skills are a must. If a taxi driver and customer don’t speak the same language, problems arise. A good driver needs to speak clearly as well as listen with intent to understand what their customer is saying; it also helps if the driver knows a lot about the area they’re in. Some of the best taxi drivers ever could be considered amateur tour guides, sharing tips on where to stay, dine and have fun “in town.”

Local Knowledge

Finally, familiarity with “where they’re going” helps a lot– the more familiar a driver is with the area they serve, the better they’ll be. Customers ultimately want someone who is honest, knows where they’re going, and will get them their quickly and safely.

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